Journey to Amritsar

A lot of effort is required to get oneself out of the cozy blankets after exams, or put in other words it is customary to laze in one’s hostel in the name of giving rest to the brain which had been functioning at its best efficiency to break the enigmas of the questionnaires. Unlike a […]

Acceptance and Indian Society

The land between the Himalayas and the Indian ocean identifies itself as the home of a culture of co-existence. ‘वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम’ , meaning the whole world is a family has been taught and practiced across the nation since centuries. The feeling of oneness and acceptance  led to the formation of a population in which all […]

The need of a change in IITR’s working methods

The Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee boasts its rich heritage as the nation’s oldest technical institute and its contribution to nation’s journey towards continuous infrastructural and human resource development. Starting as Thomason college of Civil Engineering in 1847 the Institute was deemed an University after Independence and more engineering and basic science disciplines were gradually added. […]