The need of a change in IITR’s working methods

The Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee boasts its rich heritage as the nation’s oldest technical institute and its contribution to nation’s journey towards continuous infrastructural and human resource development. Starting as Thomason college of Civil Engineering in 1847 the Institute was deemed an University after Independence and more engineering and basic science disciplines were gradually added. The Institute got prominent engineering and basic science teachers as its faculty in its early days. After the creation of Uttarakhand, University of Roorkee was converted into an IIT with an amendment in the constitution.

Since its conversion into an IIT, the institute has been working actively to change its administration,education methodology and infrastructure to fit into IIT system which is known for its student friendly governance but in the opinion of lot of Undergraduate and probably Graduate students who know the working of other IIT’s we still have a long way to go. The most prominent difficulty is the mentality of the older faculty members who have not worked in the IIT environment in their career and and hence they fail miserably in generating interests in the subjects they teach among their students. At no point in their career the teaching skills of the faculty members are taken into account or any incentive of teaching properly is awarded, hence the teaching levels suffer in General in the Institute. There are several faculty members who have done their entire study at the University and hence lack in exposure to the external world. There are very few faculty members who encourage students to take up Independent or Dependent projects in their respective fields and are available to help them. The recruitment of new faculty members and the unsaid decision taken by the new director to not appoint any faculty member who has done his PhD in the same institute brings some hope. Moreover the quality of teaching has improved with a new generation of faculty members who are willing to work more and more.

Administrative difficulties pose another challenge in the way of Roorkee’s development into an Educational hub of the nation. The administration is lethargic in taking actions and on several occasion seems to be against the rights and benefits of the students. Hostels are not handled properly and the complaints of the students are never accounted by the typical government officials having the responsibility to take care of the students. Basic Infrastructure required for several activities including research is either not available or out of the reach of the students due to the permissions required to use them.

Overall their is a need to improve several things about the institute which can be done only with combined efforts of its students, faculty, administration and alumni. The task must be initiated before its too late and Roorkee loses its attraction among the nation’s best students.

Thank you:)


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